Now you may think ‘why would a motorcycle race team need digital marketing?’ Well one of the main areas of a race team is sponsorship. Sponsorship helps teams fund costs to take part in different events and win races all the way up to the worldwide MotoGP. When a motorcycle race team is just starting up their main concern is getting sponsorship which means they need to get noticed, but how exactly do they do this? Yeah you can win races and gain sponsorship that way, which is still a big part of the process of getting sponsorship, but you can also have a professional online presence to gain the attention of potential companies willing to sponsor you.

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Getting motorcycle marketing for your team could be the next step to becoming one of the most well known teams in the motorcycle race industry. With the help of the whole Yoke team, we can give you the online edge standing out from your rival teams. Supplying you with a responsive website design, implemented SEO, live social media coverage and more, we can help your team flourish.

You may think that responsive website designs may be too fancy for you, that just because your a race team you wouldn’t need something so professional. Well in actual fact you do. Having a website that is fully responsive to different devices is key to online success. It was reported that online activity from mobile devices is now higher than desktop computers. Which means someone who could be a potential vital sponsor to your team could be viewing your website via a mobile device. Getting that new sponsor deal could make or break your team, you don’t want to miss that opportunity.

Having social media coverage allows you to have interaction and engagement with your audience and allows you to build your race team brand. The most well known Twitter and Facebook are great for posting content about the team, live updates and great for running different campaigns. However race teams look towards getting sponsors from businesses which is where Linkedin comes in. Linkedin is great for B2B communication which exactly what race teams want to target. Keeping yourself active via social media shows that you care about your fans, you can engage with them, post content they will love, even run competitions to win race team merchandise.

However this is just the tip of the iceberg for motorcycle marketing, there are many areas that all contribute to successful marketing and we have the know how and set of skills that you need. Find out more about what we provide to motorcycle race teams here.

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