So, you’re planning on going to the TT, great! However you aren’t quite sure where the best spots are to see all the action. Lucky for you we have the 10 best spots for the best viewing experience of the TT. Now the 10 main spots that we think are best are Lezayre, Bray Hill, GorseLea, Cronk y Voddy, Union Mills, Ginger Hall Hotel, Kate’s Cottage, Quarry Bends, The Gooseneck and finally Barregarrow!

Kicking off with the top 10 places is Lezayre. Surrounded by Conker trees, its a fantastic area for TT coverage, witnessing a lean in on fifth and part wheelie is a great sight! There area refreshments and toilet facilities around so don’t worry about those.

lezayre TT

Next spot is Bray Hill. Now anywhere on Bray Hill is a great place to watch, seeing the riders control their beasts on the 170mph bounce at the top of ST Ninian’s or to the crunching bottom.

bray hill TT

GorseLea is the next place. This places gives off the best of British feel, home made cakes, amples of tea and great bike racing. At this point you will witness without a doubt 180mph flybys. A little tip if you go here, go early. You will thank us later.

See the white hut in the background? That’s the place you want to be.

GorseLea TT

Next up is Conk y Voddy. A Flat straight allowing riders to reach around 180mph. A high vantage point is most ideal for this area giving you the full effect. Sitting comfy in your foldaway tripod seat or lounging on the grass, Cronk Y Voddy will have your hairs stood on end when the riders fly by.

cronk y Voddy TT

Now if you’re all for the TT but are also wanting to spend the afternoon with food, beer and a decent seat in a hearty beer garden, then the Railway Hotel at Union Mills is for you. The weather definitely makes this place so hope for big suns if you’re going here.

union mills TT

The next place is Ginger Hall Hotel. A great place to get on it with the lads, with a day session of real ale drinking and bikes whizzing by in the background, what more could you want? However it’s still a great spot for those staying sober.

ginger hall hotel TT

Kate’s Cottage is the next spot. The point where the riders start the descent down from the mountain area into the more populated area moor/village areas. Best advised to bring your own refreshments as there are very little if any facilities.

kates cottage TT

Another spot is Quarry Bends. Why is it called this? Because its full of bends of course! Insane lefts and rights at super fast speeds will clearly show who has the biggest balls in the race. There are several viewing points in this area and we do recommend you take your own refreshments. Once the race starts you ain’t going anywhere until the roads re-open.

quarry bends TT

Next up is The Gooseneck. One of the most classic areas of the TT racetrack. A great place to see riders corner at just arms length!

And last but most definitely no means least Barregarrow. Witness the 120mph+ wheelies at the top descending down to 140mph bottom is pretty gut wrenching stuff. Seeing what stress the bikes go through its hard to believe they still function properly!

barregarrow TT

Now these are our top 10 places for viewing the TT. You may have your own places which you prefer which is totally fine, but if its your first time going or just want to try somewhere new, we recommend trying any of these spots!

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