Sponsorship: Introducing Barrett Steel Racing

Yoke is proud to announce the sponsorship of Barrett Steel Racing who compete in Thundersport GB. We are thrilled to be a sponsor of Barrett Steel Racing as they are a local race team with an up and coming rider. Barrett Steel Racing have currently only been racing for one year. Liam Dale, the rider, did superb in his […]

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Motorcycle Marketing for Motorcycle Race Teams

Now you may think ‘why would a motorcycle race team need digital marketing?’ Well one of the main areas of a race team is sponsorship. Sponsorship helps teams fund costs to take part in different events and win races all the way up to the worldwide MotoGP. When a motorcycle race team is just starting up […]

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What to expect in 2016!

Where did 2015 go? It only feels like last week when MotoGP started and here we are in December getting ever closer to christmas. MotoGP had a great season with Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo fighting for the championship, but in the end, Jorge took the controversial win. Johann Zarco took the Moto2 championship win and Danny Kent taking […]

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Interested in a Motorcycle Dealership Website?

Motorcycle dealership websites are essential for business allowing them to thrive in the market. Many motorcycle dealerships have websites already set up, however there may be a few flaws. First off the website could be a bog standard template. Now we have previously spoke about template websites and the reason why they are a no no, […]

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Who do we Provide Motorcycle Marketing to?

Here at Yoke we provide a series of services to motorcycle businesses across the whole motorcycle industry. There are different services that suit each business better than others. Depending on what our customers want, we can tailor and personalise our services specifically to you. Our customer base ranges from motorcycle race teams to motorcycle manufacturers and everything […]

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Why Motorcycle Dealerships should get on social media for Marketing!

For a while now you’ve probably seen that most dealerships have gotten themselves onto some form of social media. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram each social media platform has it own methods of getting to your dealerships ideal audience. One of the best reasons for social media is that it is a […]

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Why template websites are bad for Motorcycle Dealerships

Are you a bike trader? Want more for your motorcycle dealership? Many people think that having any form of website is better than no website. At one time this was probably the case, but those times have passed and things have changed. Many businesses that have just started up feel like they need to get […]

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Responsive Website Design

What can Yoke do for you? At Yoke, we aim to meet all of your goals through a responsive, sophisticated and professional website, providing you with a range of services that we can personally optimise for your motorcycle business. If you’re a motorcycle dealership or private bike seller we can provide you with the online […]

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Welcome Pillings Motorcycle Training!

We are delighted to announce the joining of our new client Pillings to the Yoke team! Pillings is the high quality and professional motor school that every new rider looks to become a part of. Providing both car and motorcycle training, Pillings has provided a great service to many customers for different courses such as […]

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Welcome Stunt Monkey!

We would like to welcome our new clients Stunt Monkey onto the Yoke team! With over 8 years combined experience, stunt monkey are the next big motorbike trials team, pushing their 2 wheeled machines to the limits! They have performed all over in the UK providing entertainment for all to enjoy! Performing in all weather […]

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