Here at Yoke we provide a series of services to motorcycle businesses across the whole motorcycle industry. There are different services that suit each business better than others. Depending on what our customers want, we can tailor and personalise our services specifically to you.

Our customer base ranges from motorcycle race teams to motorcycle manufacturers and everything in between.

Motorcycle Dealerships – your looking for footfall and interaction with your existing and potential new customers. You need a website which has a CMS (Content Management System) which is extremely easy to use so you can act fast when you need to. It also needs be as automated as possible. One-click and your Used Bikes are sent to eBay, MCN and AutoTrader. It needs to be fully responsive to mobile devices as over 40% of visitors to your site will now do so whilst being out and about. Does your Motorcycle Dealership Website tick these boxes?

Motorcycle Race Teams – it’s all about attracting sponsorship and quality riders. Ensure the package you have looks its best and you take every opportunity to push your sponsors to the forefront of your team. They will get more in return for their investment and you will secure the next years funding and turn a new sponsor into a lead sponsor. Does your Motorcycle Race Team website do that?

Motorcycle Race Team Riders – to secure that ride you need to promote your performance. You need to connect with your fans and peers. Most riders now use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram instead of having a dedicated website. We’ve developed a package which integrates Social Media fully into your site so you don’t need to change how you work but you can be safe in the knowledge that the time spent on Social will be reflected on your personal website also. Does your Motorcycle Race Team Rider website do this?

Motorcycle Manufacturers – whether your Norton, Triumph, Kawasaki, Alpinestars or Shoei we can increase your website traffic, get you more quality followers, increase your email signups and ultimately sell more bikes. Our custom websites are for you. Built from the ground up our process involves understanding your goals as a business and translating them into site architecture, customer journeys, wireframes, visuals and a fantastic experience online for your customers. We can then help you understand the metrics, what’s working, what isn’t, what needs tweaking and measure your brand effectiveness online.

Motorcycle Retailers – many motorcycle dealerships these days have an element of retail in-house selling leathers, helmets etc. For you we can create a bolt-on eCommerce area to your existing website which is easy to use, update and secure. Then there are those businesses who just live online selling anything from parts to visors to track days. For you we can create a fully responsive eCommerce website which would include product filters, wish lists, social sharing, blog, everything you need. All this sitting in a system which can handle thousands of products. We then have the marketing knowledge to help you push it forward and increase your sales. Does your current Motorcycle Retailer website do this?

If you want to find out about all the services that we provide to our customers and what exactly is on offer you can do so here! Or if you prefer to just give us a call, then phone – +44 (0)1535 444600
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