I’m sure by now majority of you all know that the Conservatives were the successful party to win at this years 2015 election. Now, what does that mean for us riders?

We got the latest insight into the conservatives party and the other candidates plans for their take on the future of motorcycling.

Some of the most common questions that we ask such as ‘Will there be an increase in speed cameras’, ‘What are you going to do about the pot hole at the bottom of my road’, ‘will there be an increase in traffic police?’ will all be answered.

Each party has their own opinion on different motorcycle matters and each have a different view, some we may favour more than others.

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So, to begin with, we asked what view each party has on motorcycles and each of the parties agree that motorcycles play an important role in transport, contributing to a reduce in traffic congestion and pollution, from UKIP trying to push for free parking for bikes to the green party trying to push the use of electric bikes. We thought these were reasonable comments so we shall move on.

We then asked if they thought that people should be encouraged to ride motorcycles. With the exception of the green party disliking the use of high powered motorcycles altogether, each of the parties thought that pushing the idea of an increased use of motorcycles was the way forward.


Now one of the most asked questions for anyone using their own transport whether it be bike, car, van etc, we asked if the party was elected into power, would they increase the amount of speed cameras?

Now, each party seemed to have a slightly different view on this, with the green party clearly stating that this will happen, labour and Lib Dem stated that its down to the decisions of local police. UKIP however said that they won’t be placed where they aren’t needed, and the Conservatives said that there will be an increase, but then continued to suggest that the increased amount of cameras ‘should not be seen as a means of raising revenue’, which we all know is the sole reason for speed cameras..


We also love seeing police on the road, hiding behind slip roads, attempting to be sneaky and catch us out as we open the throttle…well we all see you, and let me tell you, you aren’t fooling anyone.

So we asked ‘if the number road traffic police will increase’ to which each party more or less said that it will so thats that.


Now potholes are one of our worst enemies, one quick glance away or slight lack of concentration and BAM, you’re on your back, in a daze wondering what on earth just happened. Obviously we avoid pot holes at all costs but sometimes it cannot be helped and so we want this problem sorting out.

So we asked ‘what is the one big thing you will do to reduce potholes?’.

Green party had no comment on the matter with no mention of pot holes in the manifesto either.

Labour say they want to concentrate their efforts to local roads in terms of improvements, so who knows how serious they are about it.

Lib Dem stated that they would be allocating £6bn from the fund and Conservatives giving £1bn per year whilst in power to individual local authorities to tackle pot holes and improve local roads. Both parties giving up lovely sum of money which will hopefully help towards overcoming the dreaded pot hole problem.


All in all each party has their own perception to helping the motorcycle community, some favouring it more than others. With the conservatives bagging the 2015 elections win, hopefully they will stick to their word and do what they state, and we might just be onto a winner! Even Rossi is on board!

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