Yoke is the premium provider of motorcycle marketing to those in the bike industry, with the knowhow of getting your business to the top. Working online within the bike industry, we aim to provide you with the best search engine visibility, active and engaging social media, email marketing and regular promotion for your motorcycle company, whether you be a race team, professional motorsport rider, dealership, private or second hand seller, we can help.

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Through the use of our SEO department we can ensure your website turns up at the top of google search, the best place to be to get noticed online, increasing sales and awareness of the business, coming out on top is vital to being successful.

Our social media team will actively run your accounts, posting regular updates and engaging with possible and current customers, pushing to get noticed and maintain the integrity of the business through an online presence. Social media is a huge proportion of getting noticed and showing that you care about your customers, providing support to those who may need it.

Email marketing is another vital aspect to promoting your business, allowing your customers to opt into an email program. Choosing to do so, your audience and customers can receive regular updates of upcoming promotions, new products or general news about the business.

If your a franchise dealer…great! If you a private seller…fantastic! If your a second hand seller…awesome! We can provide tailored marketing for each no matter what aspect of the bike industry you are in, we are here to help.


Everyone who races in their spare time dreams of becoming a full time racer, transferring work into pleasure, we could make that happen. With the correct promotion through our various techniques such as social media and SEO, we can get you noticed at grass roots level, we can get you to the top and we can get you closer to that dream job. One day you could be along side Valentino Rossi and Marc Márquez on the MotoGP podium.

Race Teams with existing sponsorship agreements need to ensure those sponsors get in the limelight. We can ensure on race day your heavily represented on social media channels giving a live account of the action, position and final outcome. Allowing you to secure your sponsors for the following year.

If your considering marketing or just curious, don’t hesitate to contact us via email, social media or good old fashioned telephone! We’re always happy to help!

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